U.S. Air Force - Prior Service Information

Prior Service (PS) is a direct duty assignment program, allowing a select number of separated individuals to return to active duty.

PS program is separated into two categories: Category I - return without consideration of years of service (YOS). Category II - YOS restriction. Both categories are direct duty hire only.

A prior service required skills list (PSRSL matrix) of select direct duty AFSC's is updated quarterly and posted on AF Portal (select AFRS page, Publications (from side menu), Procedural Guidance Messages, 900 - Prior Service). The desired return AFSC must be on the matrix in order for an individual to re-enter active duty.

The PS program will access a total of 250 applicants (including re-trainees) during FY13, on a first come, first served basis. The total accession is subject to change based on Air Force needs.

Individuals who hold the rank of E-4, and are fully qualified as a Security Forces Apprentice, 3P0X1, may apply to retrain as a 3P0X1B, Combat Arms, provided they are otherwise qualified. Those individuals who hold the rank of E-5, and are fully qualified as Combat Arms, 3P0X1B may apply, provided they are otherwise qualified.

Your Air Force Recruiter has a listing of jobs which we are currently looking for, based on the job you are qualified in, years of service, and your successful qualifying.

Applicant must not have a break in service exceeding 6 years.

Applicant must have performed duties in the requested return AFSC during their last term of enlistment.

An Air Force Recruiter will determine if an eligibility determination is required, to permit you to enlist. Please contact a recruiter nearest you for details.

Additionally, PS applicants must meet all eligibility requirements in APRSI 36-2001, chapter 9.

Prior Service applicants will not be authorized to EAD until their orders have been reviewed and approved on EAD date by prior enlisted service section at AFRS.

Please contact a recruiter nearest you for all of the details.